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  1. Submitted By: Kiranmai — April 16, 2009
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    1) Take each input from the file. and for the first five items put it in a linked list. head pointer points to the start of the list and last pointer points to the fifth element.
    2) when iteration starts from the 6th element, compare the age of the ith element to the age pointed by the “last” pointer. if it is greater, free the “last” pointer and update it to the previous
    3) try to insert the ith node to the existing 4 element linked list and update the “last” pointer accordingly so that it points to the last element of the list.


    //get the input from the file..
    int temp;
    int N = getinputfromFile ( ) //some file operation to read inputs from file.
    struct list *ageArr = NULL;
    strcut list *head = NULL;
    struct list *last = NULL;
    struct list *tmpLast = NULL;
    strcut list *tmpArr = NULL;

    for ( i= 1; iage = getInputFromFile();
    tmpArr->index= i;
    tmpArr->next = NULL;
    if (ageArr == NULL ) {
    head = ageArr;
    ageArr = tmpArr;
    ageArr->prev = NULL;
    else {
    ageArr = head;
    while (tmpArr->age age ) {
    if(ageArr->next != NULL)
    ageArr = ageArr->next;
    else break;
    ageArr->next =tmpArr;
    ageArr->next->prev = ageArr
    ageArr = ageArr->next;
    last = ageArr;

    for (i=6; i last->age) {
    last= last->prev;
    last->next->prev = NULL;
    last->next = NULL;
    tmpArr= malloc (sizeof(struct list));
    tmpArr->age = temp;
    tmpArr->index= i;
    tmpArr->next = NULL;
    while(last->age prev;
    if (last == NULL) {
    tmpArr->next = head;
    tmpArr->prev= NULL;
    head->prev = tmpArr;
    head = tmpArr;
    else {
    tmpArr->next = last->next;
    last->next = tmpArr;
    tmpArr->next->prev = tmpArr;
    tmpArr->prev = last;
    if (tmpLast == NULL) last = tmpArr;
    else last = tmpLast;


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