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Reach out for career advice!

I’ve been blessed with a great career in IT. I’ve had the honor of mentoring numerous individuals with their careers in IT – and one thing that I see happening consistently is that the ones that are typically the MOST qualified are the LEAST HESITANT in asking for help. Many people whom I’ve mentored have advanced degrees and certifications – like MSc, CCIE, even Phd., and other certifications, who are far more qualified than I am – and they are the ones reaching out for guidance!

What I’ve learned from this is that those are not afraid of asking for help, and don’t let their ego or nervousness or hesitation or riskiness or whatever else may be holding them back get in the way, end up being most successful.

I’m always honored when someone reaches out for advice – and many complete strangers do – usually via LinkedIn. Most professionals would be HAPPY and honored to help. I certainly am! If you want to advance your career, no matter what the field, put your ego/hesitation/reservations aside, and reach out to people who’ve reached those goals, even complete strangers, and 9/10 people would be more than happy to help you!

Just be sure to reach out to the top professionals in your field in a courteous and professional manner. For example:

“Hello Mr. Rizvi, I am a recent graduate in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran, and I am really impressed with your career profile. I was hoping to connect with you and either chat with you over the phone or exchange some emails with you, and learn about the best way to progress through a career in IT Security successfully like yourself. I would love to hear from you at 647-555-5555″

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