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Are you Ready for Interview FAQs?

What if we can be all set to answer the most expected set of Questions in an Interview with confidence?

Mostly 60-70% of the Interviews can be predicted and being ready for that part creates a ripple effect in helping us perform at our best in rest of the interview as well.

Now, when I say expected Questions, which are they?

These are the Questions specifically intended to know about our personality aspects, thus generally the non-technical (not related to specific domain or field) type of questions.

Some of such questions are:

1. “Tell Me Something About Yourself” OR “Walk me through your Profile”

2. “Tell Me Something Not Mentioned in Your Resume”

3. “What are you Strengths?” OR “Why should we select you?”

4. “What are you Weaknesses?”

5. “Tell us about the biggest failure in your life and your learnings from it”

6. “What has been your most significant achievement?”

7. “Why do you want to join this company?”

8. “What are your career goals?”

9. “What were your learnings from your previous job?”

10. “How can you add value to our organization?”

11. “Do you have any Questions for us?”

The next very obvious concern is how to be prepared for these?

Here are some suggestive steps:

1. Introspect yourself thoroughly: Try to get clarity about your future goals and see how can that be aligned with the existing profile as well as the aspired role.

2. Know more from your inner circle: If you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses, go and ask your friends, family or loved ones and guaranteed you will get a reliable answer

3. Research extensively: Research well about the company as well as the job profile not just from the company website but by actually connecting with past and present employees of the company through platforms like LinkedIn and knowing from them.

4. Framing of Answers: Take a sheet of paper and actually frame these answers and record them while practicing to understand yourself how they sound. This one time effort can be beneficial for all the interviews.

Why is this required?

1. To boost your level of confidence in the Interview Room

2. To not forget any important point during those 15-20 minutes of the conversation

Once you have done this, check out our article on “5 Quick Tips on Personal Interview” and “Handling Online/Virtual Interviews”

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