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  • Richa Mehta

5 Quick Tips on Personal Interview

Personal Interview – the name itself creates its own Buzz… The first question that comes to our mind is “Will I be judged positively?” OR “Will I be selected?”. And that’s where we start wrong…

Rather ask yourself “How can I show the best version of myself?” OR “How can I try my best to be selected?” And this will replace the feeling of anxiety with determination and confidence.

Here are 5 Quick Tips you can follow to crack the Interview Process:

1. Be prepared for FAQs: Interview can surely throw unexpected questions and test you on the composure and presence of mind but just imagine what would it portray if we sound unprepared for the most expected set of questions like “Introduce Yourself”, “Career Goals”, “Strengths & Weaknesses”, “Achievements & Failures”, “Why this company/role” etc. Do an in-depth introspection about your profile and personality and be all ready with your answers to such questions.

2. Portray a Confident Body Language: Non-verbal communication does 70% of the job of creating an effective impression in the recruiter’s mind. Thus, body language etiquettes like wearing a pleasant smile throughout, maintaining eye contact, using interactive hand gestures, walking and talking with confidence etc. plays a very important role.

3. Company and Profile Research: A panel member would always love the candidate who has done his/her homework well in researching well about the company like its policies, vision & mission, founder profiles, culture, market position etc. as well as about the role like skills required, career progression prospects, understanding of everyday tasks etc. This showcases the level of sincerity in a candidate and the zeal to be a part of the organization itself.

4. Maintain Professionalism: Professional etiquettes can literally make or break the deal. Mannerisms like greeting the panelists, maintaining a composed tone of voice, being adequately dressed up, showing up well-groomed etc. creates a positive image.

5. Post Interview Follow Up: This is a very important step which most of the candidates forget. Once the interview is done, candidates should drop an email to the recruiter directly or to the person through whom interview was scheduled thanking panelists for their valuable time and conveying about how you look forward to be associated with them. Candidate can also get connected with panel via LinkedIn. This helps a recruiter remember the candidate distinctly.

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