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Tell Us About Your Strengths

There are multiple ways of asking this same question like “How do you think you are better than other candidates?” OR “Why should we select you?”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind seeing these question??

Surely, it will be something out of:

- Why do I have to answer such questions at all? (Answer: No choice J)

- Should I just make up some strengths as I really don’t think I have any? (Answer: Not at all… Learn to discover your strengths from point 1 below)

- Will I sound boastful if I answer this very comfortably? (Answer: No, be comfortable in your own skin)

- How do I know what am I good at? (Answer: Check point 2 below)

- Do A, B & C (some points you have shortlisted) qualify as strengths? (Answer: Go through point 3 below)

- Let me ask Google about my strengths… 🧐 (Answer: No Comments)

Let’s make this simple by addressing 3 primary concerns here….

1. Discovering our own Strengths

Here are some of my tried and tested methods:

a. Ask your inner circle – family, friends, colleagues etc. who know you well enough to tell what are you really good at

b. Think about your key achievements in areas of work, academics or extra-curriculars and see which quality let you achieve those

c. Introspect deeply and think about your positive personality aspects or feedback that you have got from your connections

2. Art of Presenting our Strengths

Keep 3 things in mind while talking about your strengths:

a. Attach an example demonstrating your strength as that shows credibility. Do not just list them down

b. Speak with confidence as you own the qualities you are speaking about. Do not sound too modest

c. Do not lie or fake your strengths as they can be tested at any point during the interview

3. Verification for Good Strengths

Strengths can majorly come from 2 areas: Personality Aspects and Technical Expertise.

a. Try mapping your strengths to the role requirements.

b. Avoid cliché points like team player, punctual, disciplined etc. as these qualities are expected from all.

c. Some good examples can be versatility, having good sense of humor, inquisitive nature, being strong-willed, creativity etc.

Overall, whatever you say has to add some positive value to your overall profile.

Once you get this answer ready, don’t forget to check this article on “Tell Me Something About Yourself” answer.

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