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  • Richa Mehta

Handling Online/Virtual Interviews

With the New-Normal conditions stepping in, we are breaking distance barriers and learning new ways of connecting and communicating remotely…

Same has struck the recruitment industry as well with the candidates and recruiters knowing each other virtually through Online Interviews.

Here are some tips to Master Skills for Online Interviews:

1. Technology Testing: Make sure to avoid any technical glitches during the Interview as it may result in not building a required rapport with the recruiter. Do a test video call with a friend to check:

· Internet Connection Speed (Can also check the speed through links like,, etc.

· Microphone, Speaker and Video Camera as Grainy visuals or muffled audio is not appreciated

· Latest Version of the Application that is to be used (Eg. Zoom, Skype etc.)

· Laptop Connected to Power to avoid any embarrassment

2. Background Environment: A professional setup is a must for creating a positive lasting impression on the mind of the panelist. Here are few things to check 15 mins before the Interview:

· Do-Not-Disturb space (Make sure no one enters your room or there are no external voices around to disturb the conversation)

· Mobile-phone on silent

· Close all the other tabs and notifications on the device you are using

· Have a neat non-distracting background area (Preferably a plain light colored wall)

· Lights must be falling directly on the face from the front side for the best vision

· Place your device such that camera is at your eye level

3. Dress Up To The Nines: Descent formal dressing from head to toe should be followed irrespective of the process being online. Formal outlook naturally gives a confident feel and required sincerity for the process. This includes hair neatly made, subtle makeup (for females), beard neatly trimmed or clean shaved (for males), formal pair of clothes and shoes as well.

4. Take charge of your Body Language: A virtual setup may look into restricted part of body language owing to visibility constraints but still it plays an extremely important role in conveying our personality even without meeting the panelist. Some aspects that can be taken care of are:

· Keep Smiling throughout. It helps to build our comfort zone

· Use positive hand gestures while talking. It really helps in confident communication

· Use face nods to showcase active listening

5. Preparation is the Key: Be prepared with all the expected set of Questions which can be your Resume Based, Frequently Asked HR Based, Technical Based or Current Affairs Based.

With all these, you are all armed to present your best in the Interview to come. Good Luck…!!!

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